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  1. How do I add an answer to the database?
    Simply ask the question you would like to answer in the above search box. You will be given the option to "Donate an answer to your Question." Click this link. You will be given a submission tool to answer the question. Notice that below your answer you may give a "Web Reference" link (URL). This is where you may add a web page address (URL) to attribute credit for the answer you provide. Your answer may be a marketing message to generate free traffic to the cited web page, as long as your answer and the content of your web page is relevant to question you are answering. If your answer or your web page provided is irrelevant to the original question it will be removed from our database. Repeat offenders will have their IP addresses blocked.

    If you would like your answer and Web Reference link to appear higher in the list of answers, then you must provide a verifiable reciprocal link from the web page address you supply in the Web Reference, to the home page. Our anonymous reciprocal link verifier bot will visit the web page you provide and give it a score based upon the existence and location of the reciprocal link back to our home page, the relevancy between the question asked and the answer provided and the content of the web page cited in the "Web Reference" area. Click here for reciprocal link ideas.
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